Tires have deflated by tiny holes, but our eye not visible, and urgent errand, when driving the car out of the house and saw falling grades. Thus, it will not solve the task.

Then store the car at the garage. The mechanic got tires out, inflated up and dipped in bowls of water to find tiny holes.

That bubbles up will tell us which is the hole. Suppose two holes had been found. different size, a hole with a nail to puncture, and the remaining hole is a hole, tiny.

In my pocket I forgot money, only a VND 60,000. The price is 30,000 dong a hole. I can not fix all at once because I need some contingent money to go to work, So I suggested him to cover a hole only, when addressing the work done, I go home to do the remaining hole.

According to You, which hole does he fix? , I asked, "what hole should I fix? Uncle told immediately "big hole of course".

This is very human beling thinking as voiceless. When a motorcycle sprawled in front of a car, we think of the automobile that hit the motorcycle, without considering anything. Similarly, a bicycle and a motorcycle, motor liability also causes accidents.

Go back to the mechanic, he concluded I had to patch the large hole just because it is larger than the other. I explained to him that as it a big hole yet but it has sealed by the nail which should not be deflated, and then fizzled the little hole. Therefore recommended to fix the small hole first.

Small and medium enterprises in the poor and developing countries around the world in general and Viet Nam in particular, development from family companies growing up, father is director, mother also Deputy Director, elder is chief accountant , you do treasurer ... money running from this pocket to another pocket, was easy to control.

Thanks to God bless, they have prospered, grew out day y day, until out of control from the family. This time they also like the tires, there are loopholes that businesses do not see or have seen but do not know how to fix.

They already fixed this hole while the other hole blowing up and was bigger. Or they want to patch all the holes they immediately see but resources are limited, as only 60,000 VND you can not even 2 holes at the same time. They themselves struggling to finally make as much money as lost out from this vulnerability. There are business owners I interviewed said they have seen the money they dropped it, but they do not know how to pick it up. Even they feel anxious to rushly bent down to pick up, but the back pained blood tension when bending before successfully picking money up, and what happened next, you also foresee.

ICSPro we are set up to provide SMEs worldwide including my homeland of Vietnam a tool, like water pots for the mechanic to dip your management system to see out vulnerabilities that from professional administrator called weaknesses, the risks to recovery, and preventing it occur in the future

So what vulnerabilities will typically include? And if found, how will it be fixed?

Which Hole will make the  boat sank fastest?

how to fix with limited resources of the business?

And whether there was leakings again?

And how to know that figured out and made sure it sealed ?

Dozens of such questions when I contacted businessmen in the interview in the research process, in the conference in the country when I participated in or chaired.

Foreseeing this rib damage concerns. I will respond in sequential process you learn this website viewing.

With the vision of "Treat Corporate Governance Diseases for Small and medium enterprise at poor growing countries worldwide," we perform the mission transferred the doctor knowledge to management team, who diagnose and propose treatment efficiently, since they themselves understand well the ins and outs of their own business

Expert team

Nguyen Huyen Linh Dr David, born in 1963, who has dual Vietnamese and Britain nationality, and currently lecturer in Internal Control of Kingston University, UK. This is a new course to meet the request of UNHCR, United Nations, to help small and medium enterprises in poor and developing countries efficiciency governance, helping people find their way out of poverty for not crossing to the rich countries to expect a better life. But most of their lives at sea baits or live in refugee camps ..

The themes of this subject, which I euphemistically call enterprise vulnerabilities, including:

1. Strategic corporate creation

2. Develop a governance model (Business Process Model)

3. Develop and implement a strategy for using Balanced Scorecard and KPI (BSC-KPI)

4. Develop strategic development of human resources, through the Competency Dictionary, KEEFIAS method, which builds career path ladder, wage and salary rise according to KPI

5. Develop corporate culture

6. Build 360-degree evaluation system

7. Develop business strategies Marketing

8. Develop a financial strategy

9. Build strategic information technology (ERP)

He qualified ACCA, Accounting Public Accounting Association UK, CPA Australia, the Australian Public Accountant. He has nearly 30 years of professional experience in financial accounting and internal controls.